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Echo DCL is a manufacturer of modular buildings for the United States Government and Military branches (including SCIF buildings), office and commercial properties, classrooms and daycare facilities, restaurant and retail properties, hotels and other hospitality properties, modular healthcare (dental and medical and hospital), workforce housing, emergency and disaster relief situations and more.

You may take a look at some previous projects completed by clicking this link and going through the various pages detailing completed projects:  Project Profiles

If you are looking for information on a specific industry then you are welcome to go to the “Industries” tab in the navigation bar and choose from the drop-down menu of choices pertaining to specific industries.


Echo DCL (after acquiring ECHO DCL’s assets) is a general contractor specializing in the design/build of permanent and temporary modular buildings going back to April 1998.  Our prefabricated buildings provide both permanent and temporary space for a wide variety of uses, and the main mission is to deliver a superior product that fits the specific needs of each client. 

Additional Benefits To Using Echo DCL

Whereas ECHO DCL previously was designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing (constructing) the modular units, Echo DCL now can offer the same services plus many more services as part of its integrated ties with other companies.  Some of these include:

  • Land decontamination (NORM decontamination)
  • Hazardous waste sampling and analysis
  • Soil remediation
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing buildings (for various viruses and bacteria including COVID-19)
  • Building roads and other infrastructure needs to support access to/from your modular units
  • Industrial painting and powder coatings, corrosion-resistant coating, painting of vehicles and more


Watch The Video Below To See Our Modular Building Manufacturing Facility

Watch The Video Below To See One Of Modular Buildings Being Constructed