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Icon Construction Wins 2017 MBI Award Of Distinction For Permanent Office Modular Construction

As of March 1, 2020 ECHO DCL acquired the assets of Icon Construction. Please visit this link to learn more about ECHO DCL's vision for modular building design, construction and logistics: Click Here


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We recently announced that we earned the honorable mention for “Permanent Office” by 2017 Modular Building Institute’s (MBI) Awards Of Distinction panel. MBI’s award criteria was based on architectural excellence, technical innovation and sustainability, and cost effectiveness.

According to the MBI website regarding this administrative office building said that, “Icon completed the design and construction of a 20 unit, 15,572 SF, 2-Story Modular Admin Facility for the VA. The floor plan and structural design was creatively crafted around the strict requirements and attention given to the relationships between groups and removing any disparity in size between offices for staff with the same position.”

The award page continued by saying, “The immediate challenge was to provide a cost effective, permanent facility whose functionality and interior and exterior appearance blended with the adjacent buildings that tightly surrounded it. While negotiating the customer’s desires against their budget for the project, Icon provided valuable alternatives where possible without sacrificing functionality, appearance and energy efficient sustainable features common to traditional permanent new construction at the VA installation.”