Why Use Our Quality Modular Buildings?

So, you are seriously considering modular for your construction project.

That’s great!

You’ve realized that quality modular buildings offer you the following advantages:

  • Production Speed
  • High Quality
  • Relocatable or Permanent options
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Green Manufacturing Process

Now, you are in the process of choosing the manufacturer.  Who can you trust?  Your business is important to you.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could find one company that walked you through the entire process?  From the beginning of the design to perfecting the finishing touches on-site, ECHO DCL will work with you side by side throughout the entire procedure.


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Interior 3D Image

ECHO DCL employs highly skilled, award winning, architects and draftsmen to transform your vision into sophisticated three-dimensional drawings.  Before the first nail is hammered, you will be able to see what the finished product will look like from all directions (interior and exterior).  Many modular companies build to only the minimal code requirements. These units usually withstand shipping to the location and last only a few years afterward. Not only are our buildings designed to meet or exceed federal, state, and commercial codes, we build to the highest specifications ensuring that all of our buildings will stand up to the harshest of conditions and last for more than 25 years.  By selecting only the most durable materials, ECHO DCL Buildings will remain structurally sound for years to come.   Quality is the top priority.  For a detailed look at our material building specs and standard procedures, we invite you to click on the following link:

10 Ways to make a better quality modular building

Building Process

Quality Modular Building Construction
Building Process

Quality is the factor that separates ECHO DCL from other prefab building companies.  ECHO DCL has its own production plant located in heart of America.  Our 75,200 square foot facility in Durant, Oklahoma contains a 10,500 square foot welding shop.

ECHO DCL is diligently working every day to set the bar higher to maintain and improve the quality standards of our product. ECHO DCL understands that we are only as good as our last project.  This innovative approach is a determining factor in maintaining and growing thriving customer relationships. Therefore, we established a series of measures to assure that, when our buildings leave the factory, the customer will receive a product built to the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Every project starts with a great foundation.  The beginning of our quality manufacturing process starts with our solid steel framing system.  Our certified welders use only high grade steel. This ensures the feel of a stick-built structure while providing a cost efficient solution.

Sure, every company practices procedural steps to ensure the safe and efficient development of their products. However, not every company applies the number of inspections to their daily processes as we do.  From the start, each material is thoroughly examined and tested when delivered.  If it does not pass our rigorous inspection requirements, it is rejected and sent back to the supplier.  Once production begins, a checklist “traveler” is assigned to each floor. This inspection process scrutinizes every nuance of the day’s work.  In addition to the “traveler”, the production manager, makes his way around the plant to overlook the entire process. Only he can approve the floor’s condition allow it to move to the next stage in the assembly. Each group leader in each department has the responsibility to not only work, but also to check and make sure that the quality is being met at every step. We will never speed though a job in order to make a deadline.  If a component is not up to the ECHO DCL quality standards, we will work weekends and pay our employees overtime to meet schedule driven commitments. Demanding ongoing training it is performed every day by the Production Manager, group leaders, and worker in the plant. In addition to all of these internal layers of quality inspection, ECHO DCL uses a third party inspection agency, which comes to the plant at least once a week. This agency assures that we are following all the codes, fastening schedules, and following every specification that match our submittals and professionally engineered drawings.


Setting Building On-site
Setting Building On-site

After all of the preparation, design, and constructing, you now have a quality prefab buildings delivered on your property.  So, what now?

Once your building has been delivered, you will be teamed up with a trustworthy, dedicated project manager and full time superintendent for the final stage of your project. These individuals make sure that every aspect of your building is completed. While we are onsite, an important objective of ours is to relieve as much of your stress as possible. Let us take care of what we specialize in so you can concentrate on running your business. From exterior decking to electrical and plumbing manifold, we can handle all of intricate details associated with erecting a new building on your property.  If you need utilities to the site, we will work with the local utility companies. If you need decking or concrete foundation, we make sure it’s done right the first time. ECHO DCL ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your building(s) before we ever leave the site.  Our standard warranty service includes repair or replacement of all components on the building for one year with a superior response time of typically less than 48 hours.

In determining the best modular building solution for your project, ideally, 3 factors should come to mind: Quality, Speed, and Price. While providing high quality, rapid delivery, and fair market value, ECHO DCL is clearly your choice above all.