Modular Construction Missouri

chacktaw2Prefab Building Missouri

ECHO DCL provides quality module buildings and module construction solutions in Missouri. Our modular buildings provide both permanent and temporary space for a wide variety of industries. Prefab buildings can accommodate the specific needs of any industry to provide a efficient solution to a growing business and return on investment.

ECHO DCL provides modular and prefab buildings across Missouri.  Some projects include:



Contact us today for a quote or design your own modular building at our modular building design center.

You also may look at a few of our previous construction and prefab building projects across the United States here.  You are welcome to contact us with your specific needs and how we can leverage our experience to help you regarding the following kinds of construction:

  • Commercial and office building
  • Healthcare and medical, including dental and veterinary
  • Retail
  • Restaurant and related (e.g. coffee shop, franchise pizza takeout)
  • Classrooms and other education buildings
  • Lodging (hotels and motels)
  • Student housing
  • Religious and church
  • Child care
  • Disaster relief
  • Warehouses
  • Storage building
  • Apartments, town homes, condominiums and other multi-family
  • Government and military