Multi-Family And Student Modular Homes

Modular Housing Solutions

Modular and Prefabricated Housing

At ECHO DCL, we offer design expertise building Multi-Family and Student Modular Housing.  Multi-Family modular homes have greater quality in construction compared to stick built homes. Our modular homes are built in climate-controlled environments, cutting construction time and costs. We can build completely custom to your plans and needs or create designs with you in mind.  Prefabricated homes offer flexibility in structural design and can be assembled in remote sites.

Our modular student housing solutions are perfect for universities looking for quick and unique housing solutions. With our turnkey solutions, our modular structures are manufactured off site and assemble on site, saving time and money.

You are welcome to contact us for your permanent or temporary modular engineering and design, manufacturing, and/or construction needs for these kinds of buildings.  E-mail or call us today here:  Contact Form