Bullet/Blast Resistant Window Systems

ECHO DCL delivered the complete design and construction of a modular administration building for a total of 5,880 square feet.   This building will serve as the new office space for the U S Border Patrol.  Presidio is located along the Rio Grande River in a very remote point of Texas about 210 miles from El Paso.

Blast Resistant windows were a required element of this building.  To meet this requirement we decided to use teh USAW300 Window Series:

The USAW300 Window Series construction consists of heavy-duty aluminum extrusion and 1/8? minimum wall thickness. The extrusions allow for the insertion of armor consistent with specified threat level.

• Glass components are easily replaceable.

• Blast protection available.

• Standard finish: Clear or bronze anodized (custom Kynar paint, brass cladding, stainless steel cladding available)

It is recommended that the window be used in conjunction with protected wall and door areas.

Each end user should determine the ballistic and forced entry threat to ensure the correct product selection tomeet and exceed security needs.