A CAD system is a combination of hardware and software that enables engineers and architects to design everything from furniture to modular buildings.  In addition to the software, CAD systems require a high-quality graphics monitor, a mouse, light pen, or digitizing tablet for drawing; and a special printer or plotter for printing design specifications.

CAD systems allow an engineer to view a design from any angle with the push of a button and to zoom in or out for close-ups and long-distance views.  In addition, the computer keeps track of design dependencies so that when the engineer changes one value, all other values that depend on it are automatically changed accordingly.

ECHO DCL is staffed with experienced draftsman, architects, and project managers.  This enables us to provide a complete turnkey construction.  We are able to meet your needs whether you need a modular office space, barracks, classroom, healthcare facility or any other temporary or permanent space.