EOD Administration Building

Project Name: EOD Administration Building

Customer: Army Corp of Engineers
Location: Fort Bragg, NC
Size: (2) 4,800 Square Feet

Project Start Date:  02/13/2008
Actual Date Completed:  09/24/2008
Days to Complete:  222

Description: ECHO DCL delivered the complete design and construction of (2) 4,800 square feet two story permanent modular Administration Buildings in Fort Bragg, NC.  Scope of work included design, engineering, and manufacturing.  Complete turnkey construction included delivery, set-up, foundation, pit set at grade, steps, decks, sprinkler, fire alarms, pitched roof system, brick exterior and Data/Communication system.  Upgraded Electrical drops in the floor and ceiling are installed to handle a multitude of computers and servers.  An ECHO DCL Superintendent was present from start to finish.