Icon Construction Donates Modular Building to Elderly Calera Residents

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August 27, 2010

For Immediate Release

CALERA, OK— Icon Construction is giving back to local residents by adding comfortable living space to an existing home for a Calera woman. This resident lives next door to an Icon employee, who was concerned about his neighbors’ safety. Sixty-eight year old ‘Ms. Jane’ lives in a less than comfortable home without an air conditioner, next door to her 92-year mother. Ms. Jane is a widow, a cancer-survivor and has three children who are serving as active duty members in the armed forces. This military family’s struggle touched the hearts of Icon team members. Icon supports our troops by serving as the premiere modular building provider for military bases across the country.

When being called to duty more than 50% percent of the plants employees happily volunteered to sacrifice their personal time to rebuild a trailer for Ms. Jane. Icon Construction Inc. donated all the materials, labor and installed a new air conditioning unit to create safer and comfortable living conditions for Ms. Jane. Icon also coordinated with the local gas company to get the propane tank donated alone with 100 gallons of free propane.  “I can’t believe this. I have never won anything or been lucky. I am so happy. This is like a dream come true,” said Ms. Jane of her new home.  Icon doubled the living space of the home. Ms. Jane now has a closet, a shower and a full bedroom thanks to the generous gift from Icon Construction. To see local media coverage and for more information about Icon’s custom-built modular designs visit us at icon-construction.com

Modular Building company giving back to the community.