How to Design A Modular Building

People chose modular buildings because they need a quality facility built quickly without interrupting business or classroom instruction. As modular builders we can design, manufacture and ship your building with minimal effort on your part. All we need is some basic information. We do all the work without you getting your hands dirty! So if you’re considering expanding your business or starting from scratch why not have your building designed to meet your specific needs? You don’t have to be an architect to get the results you want.
Modular buildings are constructed in a factory and then shipped in sections. If you can dream it we can build it. Your building can be constructed and used for office space, classrooms, barracks, doctor’s offices, daycare facilities, churches or buildings used for government purposes. In order to execute your vision, the builder needs to know how much space you need. Tell the draftsmen what you’ll use the space for. One company told ECHO DCL’s draftsmen, they needed six offices, two restrooms, a break room, janitor’s closet and space for storage. This is what it looked liked.
prefab buildings
Your modular builder will then create, what’s known in the industry as a line drawing, (pictured above) which is a conceptual drawing of the building. List all anticipated needs along with the use for each area. Be as detailed as possible including: size of offices, how many people will use the break room or common areas as well as how many people will use the entire building. Once you have the list, the draftsmen can estimate the square footage and determine you building size. This floor plan will show you the rooms, windows, entrances, exits, hallways steps, decks, steps ramps, etc.
You should be looking for details and functionality. Look for where the desks, entrances, windows and offices are located to ensure your vision is executed well. The line drawing will determine how your building is constructed. After you give the OK or make revisions, you are ready to build a modular structure. A modular building can be temporary or permanent. Modulars can last up to 25 years depending on materials used. Temporary buildings have a ten-15 year life span. Prefabricated buildings are design-build solutions at a fraction of the cost of standard construction. Remember, the line drawing is just the first step! You still need to learn about the scope of work and what responsibilities you want the modular provider to assume. You must consider if the building will go on new land or existing land and get the appropriate permits. Next week Dr. Modular Examines:
The Scope of Work, Reading Fine Print & Cutting through Red Tape