ECHO DCL, Inc. Rebuilds Fort Hood’s Critical Care Clinics

The government awarded ECHO DCL the task of creating temporary medical units for Fort Hood’s injured soldiers. The mass shooting in 2009 left Ft. Hood’s critical rehabilitation care units compromised. Military personnel were most concerned with restoring normalcy to the base as quickly as possible. The modular buildings are custom-designed to meet the urgent medical needs of soldiers while improving existing safety measures. ECHO DCL is the industry leader in fast track modular solutions. ECHO DCL’s team partnered with military leaders to design and deliver these interim facilities in less than two months.

The modular buildings will serve as traumatic brain injury and rehabilitation clinics. These clinics are essential in treating soldiers with brain injuries as well as identifying signs of post traumatic stress disorder. A part of the major improvements to the site are the ANAM- Automated Neurophysiologic Assessment Metrics Clinic. Eleven units will arrive in Fort Hood in late August. These interim buildings will be used while the army conducts its investigation into the mass shootings. Soldiers can receive treatment at Ft. Hood’s medical clinics this fall.