Why Modular Construction is More than just an Alternative Construction Method

474031945_9d9790b6bc_zFactory-built or modular buildings are not a new design concept. Prefabricated buildings have been used to fill construction needs as a quick and efficient construction process for decades.

Modular construction, in the past, has been labeled cheap. However, recently more and more consumers are beginning to see the benefits and creative design possibilities of modular construction.

The modular building of today comes in sleek and clean, energy-efficient designs. Since construction occurs in a factory, it is possible to create precise, custom components to provide a more efficient construction process.

The transferrable nature of a modular building should emphasize the quality construction. The structure needs to withstand being shipped to the final location, as well as stand up to the harshest climate conditions. Ready to relocate? Your modular building can move with you. ECHO DCL builds to the highest specifications ensuring that your modular building will stand up to these challenges and last for more than 25 years.

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photo credit: Fin Fahey via photopin cc