Office/Admin Space

MSG Barksdale Modular Administration Building

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Modular Administration Building
Modular Administration Building

Modular Administration Building


Project Name:
MSG Administration Buildings (Thirty-six month Lease)
Prime Contractor:
Icon Construction, Inc.
Contract Type:
1. Contract Date:
September 14, 2009
2. Mobilization Date:
October 19, 2009
3. Completion Date:
November 24, 2009
5. Location:
Barksdale AFB, LA


Icon delivered the complete design and construction of one twenty-two plex administration facility modular for a total of 20,720 square feet.  Scope of work included designing, engineering, and manufacturing.  Complete turnkey construction included delivery, set-up, steps, decks/ramps, canopies, fire alarm/MNS, data, water, sewer and electrical.  This building serves as the new office space for the Mission Support Group.  An Icon Superintendent was present from Start to Finish.

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