Quantico ISMT Modular Unit

Modular Unit
Modular Unit

ECHO DCL completed the design and construction of one modular building (5) floors make up a total of 4,375 sq. ft. Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Training (ISMT) facility for the USMC. This modular facility was the first of its kind. ISMT creates extreme temperatures, various terrains and presents environmental challenges of a combat area. The facility was divided into two ISMT classrooms which have three firing lanes in each room.

The building came equipped with two eighty gallon 7.5 horsepower air compressors, which are noise insulated in an operator room. The non-combustible steel buildings will have ten foot high ceilings and will be wood-free. Scope of work included design, engineering, and manufacturing.  Complete turnkey construction included delivery, set-up, fire alarm, site and building communications, site and building water, sewer and electric, sidewalks, gutters, awnings, decks, steps and ramps. An ECHO DCL Superintendent was present from Start to Finish.

Modular Unit

Prime Contractor:
Contract Type:
1. Contract Date:
May 12, 2010
2. Mobilization Date:
3. Completion Date:
January 5, 2011
5. Location:
Quantico, VA