Benefits of Modular Classrooms

With school in session for most of the year, it’s hard to coordinate a construction schedule that will not interfere with class learning.  One of the greatest advantages
to a modular classroom is that the construction time is essentially cut in half, meaning your modular classroom can be up and functional within a matter
of only a few months.  ECHO DCL has its own modular construction plant. ECHO DCL will design, build, and install your Modular Building using
complete turnkey construction.  Once the modular units are assembled, they are delivered to the site and assembled together within a matter of days.

This drastically cuts back on any disturbance which may occur under more conventional construction methods.

If that isn’t already enough, going modular is a far cheaper option when compared to other construction methods, and what school district isn’t
looking to save a little money?  But don’t assume that going cheap means poorer quality.
On the contrary;  Modular Buildings are built to last, and can withstand heavy damage from earthquakes and fires.  Your Modular School will be built
to stand the test of time.  Not to mention, Modular Buildings can be Temporary, Permanent, or even re locatable!

Modular design has come a long way over the years.  The customer can design to their specifications
and needs.  If you are purchasing a modular classroom as a temporary fix for an increase in enrollment, you might want to consider a portable unit.  You
could use the building again in a different location if there is a demand elsewhere.  Portable modular buildings
are designed to withstand re-locations and their quality will not suffer as a result.

As you can see, modular construction has a lot to offer in the field of educational construction.
For you next building project, consider modular construction, and all the many benefits it has to offer.  You will be thankful you did.