Classroom Overcrowding

With increasing population, the number of school age children is increasing much faster than the number of schools being built.  This is a problem that is faced by almost every
educational system in America.  A few statistics by the American education boards reports that one out of every 3 children in urban cities studies in an overcrowded school.

Educators and Parents are left with few options and often feel overwhelmed.

Overcrowded classrooms present a problem not just to teachers, but also to students.  Teachers
face problem of not being able to give the much needed one on one attention to our students.  The student to teacher
ratio is making it increasingly difficult for student to concentrate and learn.

Luckily there is a very simple and cost effective solution:

Portable Classrooms have widely become known as the best and the most cost-effective way for many types of educational facilities to build
new or additional classrooms onto their campus in the shortest amount of time possible and at the least amount of expense.
When other methods of construction are chosen, it generally takes a considerably longer amount of time to complete the project and at a much
greater cost.  ECHO DCL is a company that specializes in providing complete turnkey solutions for numerous
types of educational facilities.  Modular Classrooms are the perfect solution that results in a much shorter amount of
interruption in the learning process that is taught in many educational organizations.

There are many school administrators that are faced with the constant change in class sizes due to increased and decreased amounts of
student registering.  When such changes occur, it is vital to find cost-effective solutions that can be completed in a
timely manner, and Modular Classrooms are the only option that can meet such strict guidelines.  Whether a School is
in need of a single classroom or an entire campus, the ECHO DCL team is ready to meet and exceed expectations.
ECHO DCL has years of experience when it comes to Modular Buildings.  We not only have experienced
engineers, we have an outstanding staff of draftsman, architects, carpenters, welders, electricians, plumbers, and the list goes on.  ECHO DCL has its own state of the
art Manufacturing Facility.  We offer a complete turnkey product.  Your Portable Classroom can be built in our plant, delivered to the site and set up in a matter
of a couple of weeks or months, All with an ECHO DCL Superintendent present fromstart to finish.