Chinle Public Health Building

By November 9, 2011Healthcare, Project Profiles

Project Name: Chinle Public Health Building

Customer: Indian Health Services
Location: Chinle, AZ
Size: 5,700 Square Feet

Project Start Date:  06/08/2009
Actual Date Completed: 09/18/2009
Days to Complete:  102 Days

Description: The Indian Health Service (IHS) is an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that is responsible for providing federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives.  As such, IHS’s facilities include medical offices, pharmacies and behavioral health clinics amoung many other resources for the people the agency serves.  In 2009, IHS identified a need for a public health building in Chinle, AZ.  Wanting to keep costs down and also to complete the project in a relatively short amount of time, IHS approached Icon Construction about providing a modular public health building in Chinle.  This project was completed simultaneously with a modular behavioral health clinic, also for IHS in Chinle.

The modular design team at Icon quickly got to work, not only designing a building that would meet the needs of IHS in Chinle but also one that would match the architectural style of the surrounding buildings.  this included a custome exterior appearance as well as a custome foundation system fo this modular public health building.  Icon team members completed full turnkey services for this projecte in fewer than 6 months.

As a Native American owned modular building manufacturer, Icon is proud to have designed and completed several projects, not only for IHS but also for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as well as several tribes across the country.  These facilities include modular offices, modular medical clinics and modular classrooms.