Green Building & Modular Construction

These days it seems as if every company and individual is talking about “going green” in some way, shape or form. But the old saying is true, “talk is cheap.” It’s easy to talk about something but harder to actually do it. Modular construction is, by its nature, a much greener alternative to other standard construction practices. Studies have shown that  methods of modular construction offer considerable sustainability value and benefits over conventional construction.

Why? The answer is simple and yet complex. Modular buildings are manufactured inside in a controlled environment. This means less waste to clog landfills, as materials not used are recycled. There is a softer environmental impact because less vehicular movement at the construction site means less site impact, carbon emissions and noise pollution. Modular buildings also have better insulation and containment ratings. And that means saving on energy.

There’s little argument that the move to “greener” construction practices is a good one. Since its founding, ECHO DCL has proudly explored and implemented the latest technology to lessen our environmental impact and carbon footprint. As the construction industry as a whole continues this green movement, we at ECHO DCL look forward to being among the industry leaders.

–Chris Severy