ECHO DCL Invests in New Construction Software

ECHO DCL invests in upgrading its internal system by implementing Viewpoint Construction Software.  With Viewpoint, ECHO DCL can:

  •   Employees can share the same data with a single point of entry and receive easy access to reports on key metrics.
  •  Track project’s progress and find out about issues sooner to control cost over-runs, make labor adjustments and eliminate excessive paperwork. 
  • Utilize document management to  better serve our customers and the environment. Will provide timely reporting of critical data to every member of our organization and client. 
  • Allows for faster job estimates that are Very cost accurate.

ECHO DCL strives to provide our customers with the BEST product available.  Our team of experts are able to design, manufacture, and implement a comprehensive plan in a compressed time frame.  Whether it be a Classroom, Office Space, or SCIF we can meet and exceed your expectations.  Complete Turn-Key Construction is what we offer.  An ECHO DCL Superintendent is present from Start to Finish for EVERY project ECHO DCL turns out.