Modular buildings are mainstays in industry. They are used for a wide range of applications, all of which include the creation of space for specific purposes. Modular buildings can be built to produce space for security guard posts, bus stop shelters, offices within factories and warehouses, meeting and planning spaces at construction sites and a large variety of other applications. In addition to these normal-seeming applications, modular buildings are employed for some unusual applications, the likes of which may surprise even companies that are involved in the construction or sale of modular buildings.

Of course, more traditional modular building materials remain much more popular and prominent than unusual examples like shipping containers. Their advantage and appeal continues to be their qualities of functionality and economy. They can be constructed at low costs compared to permanent construction, and the waiting time between order and fulfillment is much shorter compared to permanent construction. Modular buildings will likely always make an important contribution to space management needs in all kinds of contexts.