Modular Building Contract for Training Facility

ECHO DCL is excited to partner with United States Marine Corps to build modular units for state of the art training facilities at Quantico. The modulars will house Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Training (ISMT) similar to those used at Camp Pendleton and Camp Buehring in Kuwait. The facilities are vital in preparing Marines and recruits for the instruction of using weapons in combat situations. The training involves simulating stress, using virtual reality and computers to create realistic indoor and outdoor situations. ISMT creates extreme temperatures, various terrains and presents environmental challenges of a combat area. The Marines’ mission is to improve war fighting effectiveness before deployment.

The 4,340 square foot facility will be divided into two ISMT classrooms which will have three firing lanes in each room. The buildings come equipped with two eighty gallon 7.5 horsepower air compressors, which are noise insulated in an operator room. Additionally, projector screens and weapon storage space is built in. The non-combustible steel buildings will have ten foot high ceilings and will be wood-free. Materials used ensure longevity as they are expected to last some 25 years, which is double the life span of a standard modular facility.