Modular Classroom Buildings MS Band of Choctaw

300 Choctaw Town Center
Suite 206
Choctaw, MS 39350
Project Name:
Modular Classroom Buildings, Choctaw, MS
Prime Contractor:
Contract Type:
1. Contract Date:
April 4, 2012
2. Mobilization Date:
April 16, 2012
3. Completion Date:
April 24, 2012
5. Location:
Choctaw, MS


ECHO DCL completed the design and construction of two modular classroom buildings for a total of 3,560 square feet.  Scope of work included design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation and aluminum steps, decks and ramps.  ECHO DCL was on-site from mobilization to the completion of all work and turned the buildings over to the customer in ten days. An ECHO DCL Superintendent was present from Start to Finish.

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians operates the largest unified Reservation school system in the United States. Their progressive programs run the gamut from preschool and childcare to adult, vocational and post-secondary education.

Choctaw education extends from birth through late life, with services provided through community schools and an array of specialized educational programs. Historic educational neglect of Tribal members has not only imposed profound responsibilities, but has also created opportunities for development of exceptional educational systems. Choctaw education has become a critical element within the reservation communities, serving to support successful Tribal government, economic growth and individual self-worth.

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