Time is Money

The old saying, “time is money,” is certainly right on target when it comes to modular construction. Cost will almost certainly be the driving factor on just about any construction project. And it’s hard to argue the cost benefits of modular construction versus traditional “site-built” construction methods.

There are several factors that prove the cost benefits of modular construction. Those factors include labor cost savings and greater control over materials purchasing and waste. Let’s look at the labor cost savings, as the labor cost is often the most expensive element in any construction project. Skilled tradesmen such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers can get more work done inside in one day than those on a job site. The assembly line method of construction maximizes worker production. And that drives down the cost-per-square-foot. Now, let’s talk about greater control over materials purchasing and waste. In a modular manufacturing facility, materials such as wood, flooring, sheetrock and insulation can be bought in bulk and used on multiple projects. In traditional “site-built” projects, unused material is often discarded. And that gets us to less waste in modular construction. Leftover material in a modular manufacturing facility can be, and is, reused in other projects. Not only is this a cost reduction element, but it is simply a “greener” way to build.

ECHO DCL is, and will continue to be, a leader in the modular building industry. Not only do we provide the highest quality, design/build, full “turnkey” modular buildings in the industry. But ECHO DCL also provides this at an affordable price, especially when compared to more traditional “site-built” methods.

–Chris Severy