Factory to Site

Ask most people to describe a construction site and they’ll mention stacks of lumber and other construction materials, large piles of construction debris, heavy machinery and various contractors coming and going at all hours. But the construction of modular buildings often results in a very different scene.

Let’s begin at the modular building manufacturing facility. With 90% of the building construction occurring at the factory, modular builders like ECHO DCL are able to buy materials in bulk and store them out of the elements (sun, rain, wind). Also, leftover materials are recycled into other projects. This lessens the impact on the environment and is a greener way to build. The climate controlled environment also provides a healthier and safer place for the construction workers to perform their trades.

Fast forward now to the site where the buildings will be located. Once the typical site-work is completed, the modular buildings are transported in and assembled in seamless fashion. Again, no large stacks of lumber and other construction materials exposed to the elements, no large piles of construction debris that will end up clogging landfills and decreased vehicle movement to and from the job site.

Factory direct-to-site modular building manufacturing has its advantages. ECHO DCL is a proud market leader in this field.