U.S. Army Uses Modular Buildings for Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic

Fort Hood, Texas – 1.7 Million. That’s the amount of traumatic brain injuries that occur yearly in the United States according to the CDC.  Within our U.S. Military [1], exposures to blasts are the leading cause of TBI’s.  Military service members are more likely to commit suicide if they have suffered more than one traumatic brain injury experience. The problem has dramatically increased that the Army has had to expand their clinics at posts worldwide. Fort Hood, one of the largest military bases in the world, called on ECHO DCL to help them build their third TBI clinic.

The facility is approximately 4,900 sq. feet. The modular building includes driving and shooting simulation rooms. Because ECHO DCL is a small business, it allowed them to be involved from start to finish. From concept to final completion, they made sure that every task was completed accurately with the end result always in mind.

Armed Forces Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

Source: Department of Defense website

Traumatic brain injuries within our military have heavily increased since 2005. Injuries often result in life changing cognitive problems and immediate treatment is crucial for recovery. ECHO DCL was adamant about completing the project in an urgent manner to get the soldiers access to the treatment they required. ECHO DCL is proud to have assisted in the expansion of such an important resource for our armed forces.

ECHO DCL is proud to be the only small business, Veteran and Native American owned manufacturer of modular structures in the U.S. For the past 15 years, our experienced team has provided customers with outstanding service from beginning to end. ECHO DCL continuously strives to build the highest quality modular buildings in the industry and deliver products that are superior to our competitors. Since April 1, 1998, ECHO DCL has been able to meet the space needs of many major markets including military, education, administration, health care, government, commercial and residential facilities.