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Modular Buildings help expand Army EBH facility in Fort Drum

As of March 1, 2020 ECHO DCL acquired the assets of Icon Construction. Please visit this link to learn more about ECHO DCL's vision for modular building design, construction and logistics: Click Here

FORT DRUM, NEW YORK – As a Veteran owned business, Icon Construction knows that taking care of the mental health of our service members is a top priority. When Icon was given the opportunity to assist in strengthening the minds of our Armed Forces in Fort Drum, they worked double-time on three 5,000 square foot modular buildings that would serve as Fort Drum’s newest Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) facility.  The 350 day project was completed in only 163 days, ready for immediate, “turnkey” use upon completion.

Within the active duty community, suicide and substance abuse has been on a steady climb since the start of the war 12 years ago, especially among those who redeploy. The U.S. Army has implemented a new system for service members by “embedding” each brigade combat team with its own group of mental health workers. This system was first tested in Fort Carson. It proved to be successful and has now been implemented to other Army posts. By utilizing modular buildings, Icon was able to ensure the facilities were up and running in a short amount of time. Soldiers now have faster access to mental health facilities than ever before due to not having to make appointments to be seen.  Service members receive local counseling, treatment and are able to connect with other service members who have shared similar experiences. In addition to this new facility, Icon Construction was responsible for constructing brand new EBH facilities at Fort Hood, Fort Campbell, Fort Benning, Fort Irwin and Fort Lewis.

Icon Construction is proud to be the only small business, Veteran and Native American owned manufacturer of modular structures in the U.S.  For the past 15 years, our experienced team has provided customers with outstanding service from beginning to end.  Icon continuously strives to build the highest quality modular buildings in the industry & deliver products that are superior to our competitors.  Since April 1, 1998, Icon Construction has been able to meet the space needs of many major markets including military, education, administration, health care, government, commercial and residential facilities.