Student to Teacher Ratio

What number of students should each teacher teach?  How many is “too many”?  Throughout the class-size debates, some
believe the fewer the better, while others feel it makes no difference.  Over the past many years this issue has been
visited and re-visited.  Over all everyone
seems to somewhat agree on one key point; the student to teacher ratio seems to
be more of a problem in our public school systems vs. private schools.    Public
schools have been seeing an influx in new student registration and due to
budget constraints, are not always able to keep the ratio to a reasonable number.  While private schools have the capability of
controlling their enrollees.

Is smaller student to teacher ratio always better?  The obvious conclusion is we should go for
schools with low student/teacher ratios since that would mean better,
individualized attention to the student, helping in overall development of the
child.  But is it so simple?  Like all things in life, there is a need to
look deeper.  We need to look for optimal
student/teacher ratio.  If the ratio is
too large it means lesser attention to students by the teacher, more chaotic
classes and loss of interest in what is taught.  So, the bottom line is, we need to look for an
optimal student teacher ratio.  Not too
small and not too large.  The actual
value of optimal student teacher ratio depends upon multiple factors including
age of the child, subjects taught etc…..

So, what is a public school with a tight budget left to do
when the classes are busting at the seams??


Modular Classrooms!! That’s what.  More and More school districts are beginning to realize that Modular Construction is the way to go.
Not only is it affordable, it is Quick, Reliable, and Re-Locatable.  ECHO DCL has had the honor of
building and setting up many Modular Classrooms, both for temporary use as well as Permanent use.  In several cases ECHO DCL
was able to design build and set up in a matter of weeks, to meet the immediate needs of the school.  ECHO DCL
offers a complete turnkey product.  With our own Manufacturing plant and outstanding staff,  ECHO DCL can do it all.  Whether it be a single modular classroom or
an entire wing, no job is too big or too small.